Madison Woods

Madison Woods

Madison’s NFT Collections


These are all minted on the Ethereum blockchain. To find out more about it, visit her website:

Barnyard Mayhem, an nft artwork by Madison Woods

Barnyard Mayhem

A fun barnyard scene built upon the foundation of my original painting, Weesatche House. Are WAGMI? Who knows, but it sure is fun to try!

Available at

Twisted Tree No. 3 | Four of Wands

The Four of Wands represents appreciation for family, gratitude for the best things and experiences life has to offer. The central figure in this image is a Twisted Tree clutching eggs within the embrace of her roots, fierce and loving as she guards them. Life-giving waters run a meandering path among the dark and murky landscape – a reminder that even in the darkest hours there is hope for survival. WAGMI.

You can find it at

The Warrioress, an NFT by Madison Woods

The Warrioress | Twisted Tree No. 2

This is ‘Warrioress’. She is the second of my Twisted Trees, and she also changes through the year’s worth of seasons in 24 hours. She is a 1/1 creation. Watch for a few of the Wild Ozark critters to appear in this one: bobcat, deer, and bear. These are all critters that live here at Wild Ozark. She is available at SOLD

Old Man Twisted Tree is a changing NFT by Madison Woods at

Old Man Twisted Tree (No. 1)

This NFT artwork changes each hour to reflect the passing of a full year’s season at Old Man Twisted Tree. The snapshot shown is how it looks at 1800 hours (6 pm CDT). It’s available at SOLD Jan 4, 2022 0.101eth/$388.00

NFT Bird Head Collection by Madison Woods

Other Blockchains

Madison also has work on the Tezos and Solana chains.

About the Artist

Madison Woods is an artist in Kingston, Arkansas. She uses local earth pigments to make handmade watercolors for her earthy nature and wildlife paintings. She uses pencils to create other works with bright colors, as the Ozark pigments are not bright.

Her NFT artworks are either the original work directly minted as NFT (where the original is still available) or digitally altered parts of her other original artworks.

Where the real life original is still available, and the NFT may be tied to the real painting.

Click here to see Madison’s real-life work, the foundations for all of her NFT work.